Best Restaurants Near West Campus Austin

If you are looking at West Campus apartments then you know the area is dotted with restaurants, food trucks and eateries that are favorites of students and locals alike. With such close proximity to the University of Texas, employees as well as students are treated to foods from different parts of the world. There is a unique restaurant to try every day of the week and thankfully the prices are accommodating to all who pass by.

Kismet Café
Address: 411 W 24th St, Austin, TX 78705
Phone: (512) 236-1811

This is the place to quench your thirst for Chai tea lattes, coffee, freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices. To accompany the tasty beverages are awesome breakfast and specialty sandwiches, as well as an unrivaled selection of New York bagels. Their unique selection of ethnic sandwiches will give you many reasons to return to this location. It is a nice place to eat with large, beautifully finished wood tables with enough room for your tray. This place is packed full of students from noon so UT employees like to come in early.

Don Japanese Food Truck

On Guadalupe Street lies a favorite location among many university of Texas students. Lines are long before its time to dish out the savory meals. For under $10 you can enjoy a bowl of rice, lettuce and a choice of meats. Though this truck opens from noon to 11 pm, items tend to sell out. The menu is openly displayed on the truck and there is ample sitting space where you can enjoy the meal. Read More about Don Japanese here.

Song La

song la food logo

Rice and pork lovers must visit this food truck for the best experience. In this location you get a real bang for your buck. For only $7 you will get a layer of rice, one boiled tea egg, braised pork and some stir fried cabbage. At this food truck you can make a snack out of your left overs. The owners are very friendly and you just might get free drinks if you’re a regular. Visit them here:

Halal Bros

halal bros food UT

The Halal Bros have met their dream of opening a store right outside University of Texas West Campus. This location on 2712 Guadalupe Street is highly regarded for their white sauce and flavor rich meals. You can order everything from high quality Halal meats, spicy rice, and out of this world hummus. You can also enjoy some fresh cut veggies for an all-round Mediterranean meal. Visit their website here:

Trudy’s Texas Star

Trudys restaurant austin texas

Trudy’s is indeed the star of this street with a variety of the best breakfast, brunch and beer. Being the original Trudy’s nothing is left to chance in ensuring that those who walk through the door leave a happy lot. You can indulge in your favorite games over a beer on one of 9 T.Vs all over this restaurant or go upstairs for tantalizing breakfast. In just a week’s time Trudy’s promises to start serving brunch at 11:00 am. If you want to enjoy this experience just venture outside campus to 30th Street and let the aromas guide you to Trudy’s Texas Star. Checkout their Austin locations here:

These are a few of the prime eating locations in close proximity to west campus that make it a true melting pot of cultures. Besides some finger licking meals you might leave your favorite truck or restaurant with a friends who loves authentic exotic meals just as you do.