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As the weeks past by after returning to school or work after the holidays, you start to realize it’s time to secure a place for next year. The inventory is dwindling in West and North Campus at this time and will continue to get more and more slim throughout the Spring, leading into the Summer. But, it doesn’t have to be that hard for you! Use a realtor or an agent to help you locate your ideal place for next school year.

Have you been Googling properties and browsing the internet? Well, stop it! You’re putting way too much work in it when someone can be doing all of that work for you, for free! In many other cities using the internet to locate a place to live, especially, short term leases, the internet can be very helpful for that situation. However, that technique does not work well for students who wish to live in the campus area of Austin. Central Austin is full of condos and the difference between condos and apartments are that each unit in the condo complex is typically owned and managed by a different person and the only way for them to market their property is to have a company or realtor advertise it for them to other realtors.

The nature of the beast in the campus area consist of availability lists sent out by realtors to other realtors to let them know what is available. This information is very private and only available to registered agents that have established a relationship with the listing agent. Meaning, you won’t find that kind of information on line. You may see some pictures and vague details on a particular property but you’ll have to speak with a realtor to get the information you need.

Bottom line, use a realtor, agent, or leasing company to take the stress and work out of finding a place to live. All the companies in the area have access to all the information you need to find the right place and are typically very knowledgeable on the area and complexes available.

And best of all, IT’S FREE for you!

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