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Each property owner has a unique story and a distinct set of questions. For some, the question is, “How can I sell my house fast in Austin?” Some want to know how they can maximize their profits, while others come to us looking for reliable property management in Austin. In short, if you’re thinking about listing your home you’re sure to have questions of your own, the first of which may be why to list with us at all.

Here are eight reasons you can count on Uptown Realty to sell your property:

  1. Custom Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). CMA is just a fancy way of saying that we look at properties like yours (and in your area) that have recently sold. The price those homes sold for gives us a good indication of what the market will bear and helps us work together to set a listing price for your property. It’s only after a comprehensive CMA is conducted that you can be sure you’re putting your home on the market at the right price.
  2. Strong social connections. We’re all about connecting with people at Uptown, whether it’s through social media, community outreach, or our everyday interactions. What that means for you as a property owner is that we know people – lots and lots of people. Our wide network allows us to get the word out about your property, to show it to the right house hunters, and to keep your home front and center in the minds of Austin home buyers.
  3. Advertising expertise. One of our primary jobs is to get the word out and to keep getting the word out about your home. If you’re looking to sell your Austin house fast, it really is the best way to get it done. We’ve found that a properly priced home plus plenty of exposure leads to quick sales. Advertising is meant to create excitement and we’re experts at creating that excitement.
  4. We’re Internet savvy. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 9 out of 10 home buyers begin their search online. That’s what makes our Internet savvy such an important trait. We make sure that your home is uniquely positioned online in a way that exposes it to the greatest number of people and in the best possible light. When you want to sell your house quickly in Austin, it pays to work with a company that appreciates the way today’s house hunter shops. We know that we have just seconds to capture the attention of Austin home buyers as they scroll through online listings, so we make it a point to impress them right away.
  5. Masters of 21st century communications. Bob Dylan once sang, “The times, they are a changing,” and nowhere is that more evident than in business. Home buyers and sellers range in age, cultural background, and preferred communication style. We know some clients like a traditional in-person meeting or phone call, while others want to receive an email or text when there’s news. For example, the business solutions provider LivePerson released a report showing that 7 in 10 millennials prefer to communicate via text. We take communication seriously and know that it’s up to us to connect in a way that makes the client comfortable and the transaction as smooth as possible.
  6. Finger on the pulse of Austin. We’re Austinites and we know the city inside/out. That insight gives us the ability to help buyers make a purchase with confidence. By the time a buyer is ready to make an offer they have a keen sense of the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and benefits of living in a particular property. We find that our enthusiasm for the city is contagious and that Austin home buyers quickly catch it.
  7. Access to a ready-made market. Our office receives calls every day from buyers in the market for the perfect home. Some are repeat buyers and others come to us via word of mouth. In any case, they know that we have a lead on the best properties available in the Austin area. There is no need for us to beat the bushes to find willing, ready and able home buyers because chances are we’re already working with them.
  8. For us, personalized service is more than a catch phrase. We serve each client as though they’re our only one. Frankly, it’s the only way to do business. We work around your schedule and fully appreciate the challenge of allowing strangers to walk through your home until a deal has been struck. We do everything within our power to mitigate any stress you may experience, negotiate on your behalf for top-dollar, and make sure your experience is as seamless as possible.

As long as there are Austin home buyers there will be people asking us to sell their homes, and for that we are grateful. When the time is right we hope that you will trust us with your property listing.

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