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4220 Duval Street

Austin, TX 78751

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop has been a staple in the Austin, Historic Hyde Park Community since 2010 after a newly wed couple, John and Kendall Antonelli decided to quit their jobs and open a cheese shop. The couple started running a cheese club out of their own house and attending cheese conferences as well as backpacking through Europe to find the best cheese this world has to offer. They accomplished their goal by offering the finest artisanal cheese and providing cut to order service in a hip and relaxed environment.

Antonelli’s Cheese offers a retail cheese space as well as a Cheese House that is located directly across the street and allows the community to learn more about cheese through private events and functions. Antonelli’s also offer cheese tastings and classes in the Cheese House and are always looking for opportunities to get involved with the community by hosting events for local businesses. Check out the website here: to find an event near you!

In the retail shop you can purchase a diverse selection of artisanal cheese, both domestic and imported. You will melt after stepping into the wonderfully stinky stop filled with cheese cases piled high with beautiful wedges. Don’t worry, once you walk in you will be promptly greeted by a friendly cheesemonger who can introduce you the cheese case with seven styles of cheese. They will guide you through a tasting to better find what suits your cheesey palate by sampling the rotated cheese selection. Antonelli’s really takes into consideration the need for cheese diversity in milk types, cheese styles, and geographic origin.

Behind the cheese bar, you will see chalkboards of cheese factoids and information on all the new and excited cheesiness Antonelli’s has to offer! As a man cannot live by cheese alone, don’t you worry, there is also a great selection of olives and charcuterie available for guests as well. Also including a very well-edited array of cheese-friendly wines and beers that will pair oh so perfect with that stinky cheese. Antonelli’s also offers to prepare and assemble impressive cheese plates for a party you’re planning! They will help and make suggestions to help win your guests’ admiration.

At Antonelli’s, it’s not just a cheese hobby, it’s a passion and a way of life for the Antonelli’s who are giving back to the community one stinky cheese at a time. You can find their cheese plates at many local restaurants including Easy Tiger on E 6th Street!

John and Kendall Antonelli owners of AntonelliÕs Cheese Shop on March 23, 2010

John and Kendall Antonelli owners of AntonelliÕs Cheese Shop on March 23, 2010

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