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3101 Guadalupe St.
Austin, Texas 78705


Wheatsville CoOp is an Austin institution that provides a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store. This eclectic Austin gem has been serving the community since 1976 and has over 19,000 invested owners who participate in a democratic fashion. Becoming an investor is easy with just a one-time investment fee of $70, you become eligible to vote in annual elections for the board of directors, receive sale prices on goods, and a patronage rebate in sufficiently profitable years. Not to worry, Wheatville opens it’s doors to all patrons, investors or not.

Wheatsville strives to create a self-reliant, self-empowering community that will help transform society toward cooperation, justice, and non-exploration while keeping the natural integrity of their products, produce, and beauty products. With an eco-friendly mind-set, you can find all your house cleaning needs along with toiletries and beauty products that won’t harm you or the environment. They also provide natural and healthy bulk pet food and goodies for your furry friends to keep them healthy and happy just like you! By supplying high-quality food and never to exploit or produce damage to our beautiful Mother Earth. With extremely friend and unique staff at Wheatsville, they aim to make sure you’re happy with all of your purchases. If they don’t carry something you need, head straight the service ask and request your specific item, they will be more than happy to accommodate you! If for some reason you are not satisfied with your products, you can return them for a full refund with no questions asked! The staff and owner want you to be happy and enjoy your products but they understand some items are not for everyone!

Wheatsville CoOp also prides themselves on catering to all your dietary needs as we all know, no body is the same, we all require different nutrients and needs for our amazing bodies. While helping people stay healthy and happy, Wheatsville does their part in taking care of our Earth by using principles for recycling and composting. One is Concern for Community by finding ways to recycle and divert as much of their reclaimable recourses to help create a more sustainable store and environment. With a 99% recycle rate by accepting and sorting plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, and inedible food scraps from local businesses, offices, condos, and homes.

Stop by and checking the healthy, sustainable, and friendly environment of Wheatsville CoOp and try their award winning Popcorn Tofu! You can try it in many different forms and fashions in a sandwich or just as it is with their yummy vegan chipotle mayonnaise or vegan blue cheese. Also indulge in their home made baked goods that are guiltless and delicious!


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