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If you’re like me and enjoy a great cup of coffee, particularly with some stimulating conversation, you will ask around in an unfamiliar place, “Where is the best coffee?”. With Austin having all the hip and delicious foods around town, we do have some fantastic, strong brewed coffee all over the city. But, if you’re looking for coffee in West Campus, it won’t be as available as it would be say in 78704, so you have to be careful where you decide to hunker in and finish that essay that is due at 8am tomorrow morning.

From my experience living in Austin for over ten years now, I have tried them all. Of course you have your corporate Starbucks, nestled right on 24th and Nueces, perfect for a quick latte on the way to class. You can also get a semi decent cup of coffee at Einsteins Bagels on The Drag but let’s be real, you go there for the delicious bagel and smear right?

If your looking for a cool vibe along with strong coffee, you’re in luck! On the Drag you can find several places to grab a good cup of joe. My personal favorite would be Cafe Medici. It’s that large sign with an illustration of an intellectual man containing a profound nose, you can’t miss it. Located right next to CVS pharmacy on Guadalupe. They have an array of speciality coffee drinks from lattes, cappuccinos, drip coffee, iced coffee and more! Cafe Medici also offers outside tables, perfect for people watching while enjoying your espresso as well as a two story inside with large windows overlooking the University of Texas at Austin campus. It’s a great place to meet up for study sessions or some good conversation with a friend. They also offer food for once that coffee wears off and your tummy starts growling for some grub.

Another hot spot that I have found makes fabulous coffee would be Spiderhouse Coffee. Located just north of Campus on Guadalupe and 29th. This infamous place is also an Austin staple that brings a wide variety of characters. It is the epitome for “Keeping Austin Weird” in the best way possible! Offering any coffee concoction you can ask for as well as delicious food and other drinks if you’re of age. Spiderhouse has a very artsy fartsy vibe with random pieces of art on the large patio which includes benches, tables and swings. You can choose any kind of seating you desire. And if you’re really in the studious mood, the inside is quiet and perfect for getting things done.

So there you have it, a good guide to finding the cup of joe that works for you. We all know coffee can be a vital substance when trying to cram for an exam or finish that research paper.


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