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As a student, it can be hard to juggle all the responsibilities and pressures college can come with. Especially, being a student at a very academically challenging school such as The University of Texas. On top of keeping your grades up, paying rent at your West Campus or North Campus house, you also need time for yourself and your health. Let’s face it, you can’t accomplish those things without staying healthy and alert.

Many believe that being healthy is expensive and you just don’t have time for it. Wrong! Actually, you really don’t have time to be sick with everything you need to accomplish. So how can you keep everything in line? Here are some tips!

First, most students live within miles of campus, primarily in dorms, West Campus or North Campus- Some on Riverside. With those areas being your places of residence, that enables you to get a good walk in before class or after class. Why not take advantage of the warm Texas weather and get some steps in on the way the class. Walking helps clear the mind, focus and is a great for the soul. You still start to build endurance and each walk will be more and more enjoyable. Not to mention, it’s eco friendly! If you feel it’s too long of a walk to and from, hop on a bus to and walk home or vice versa! If you reside on Riverside, you are so close to Town Lake Walking Trail, the best way to get that cardio in right on the water! The views are so pretty, you forget you’re exercising and really get some good “me” time in. Just remember, always stay alert of your surroundings and be safe! Be wise about the times you decide to exercise and be sure to stay on well lit streets with plenty of pedestrians.

So know we have a good way to get some steps in, how do we eat healthy on a budget? As the fad of healthy food is becoming more and more mainstream, you have more options! We are blessed her in Austin with so many great restaurants and fun healthy places to eat. Whether it’s grabbing a sandwich, don’t forget the veggies, or picking up some food to go at Wheatsville CoOp, there are plenty of reasonably priced stores and grab’n’go food. Fresh Plus sits right on 24th Street in West Campus and provides some bulk foods, natural canned foods, and natural quick meals. You can also find some locally crafted wraps and sandwiches.

Last but not least, you’re a student at The University of Texas! Take advantage of the perks! You have an entire campus, intramural sports, facilities and more to try out. Keep an eye out for student yoga sessions or group walks to not only get your work out on but to meet new people! I know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with exercising and diet but once you kick the habit and get your best foot forward with your health, you will see positive changes in all aspects of your life. It will be like second nature to you.

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