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For some of you, the holidays mean having friends over for a big feast and enjoying the (maybe) cool weather we get each holiday season here in Texas. Others this means you’ll be leaving your West Campus apartment, condo, or house for several weeks at a time. As exciting as it is to have this time off and decompress from the grueling school work, there are proper measures to take during your hiatus. Keep in mind that not only are you leaving, so are thousands of other students. Many people head to their parents or guardians in their home town and get to feel like they are back at home in Mom and Dads. With that being the situation for most, there will be many empty homes in West campus.

To ensure your home is safe and you don’t come back to a very expensive electric bill due to the AC running for four weeks non stop while you’re gone, you will want to make sure to turn up the AC systems or turn off your heating system. That will save on your bill especially since you won’t be home, you don’t want to be charged for that time. It is also recommended to unplug your electrical devices, just having them plugged in uses electricity. And most importantly, lock up your house and turn on any alarm system you may have. Most break ins happen when students are gone for the holidays since West Campus can appear like a ghost town during this time. However, if you purchased renters insurance which is HIGHLY recommended you do, in the unfortunate situation that something of yours is taken, it will be replaced with your insurance. This post isn’t to scare you but to keep you aware of the possibilities of not being home for weeks at a time.

The vibe in West Campus during Thanksgiving and Christmas is quite interesting. All of those places that have long lines won’t and some cafes actually close for the holidays, that’s how much they rely on students for their business! There is plenty of parking! And not near the amount of traffic on all of these streets such as Rio Grande, Nueces, San Gabriel, etc. You will be able to cruise along with no delays.

Regardless if you’re in town for the holidays or you choose to go home, be safe and keep an eye out for your neighbors who might be gone during this time and would love to have someone just peak at their door from time to time. It’s always good karma to be a good neighbor because you’ll never know when you may need a hand!


Wishing everyone stays safe during this Thanksgiving Holiday!




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