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As most of you are struggling to keep up with school work and social life, time can fly by quite quickly in the Spring semesters. On top of all of that, there are fabulous events to attend in Austin, such as: SXSW, St Patty’s Day Celebrations, Mardi Gras and of course, Spring Break! Next thing you know, it’s May and you secured a place for the Fall semester.

There will be some inventory of condos, houses, and apartments in May but do you really want to have to choose between the slim pickings of what is left over from the early birds? When you have a strict criteria for a particular apartment or condo, it’s very important to be on the ball about finding the right place for you. You’ll be living in there for a year so you need to make sure to find a place you’ll enjoy. Especially, if you are deciding on West Campus. The inventory in West Campus goes very quickly. The best time to look for a place is close to the first of the year after the Holiday break if you’ve already waited this long. So, the time now!

However, if you are interested in North Campus/Hyde Park, you do have a little more time to pull the trigger on a place. BUT, I wouldn’t wait too long! I would say, securing a place by no later than April is ideal. Again, you don’t want to be stuck spending the same amount of money on a place you’re not in love with when you had other options early on.

If the financial part is the obstacle, which is totally understandable, there are housing options that can meet your needs and only require small up front costs. As your realtor about specific listings with those kind of requirements. We can make it work!

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