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Live West Campus- But Where?

West Campus of The University of Texas is no longer a nook of Austin, it has grown to be a large area with different vibes, condos, restaurants, and scene all together. If you know you’d like to live in the West Campus area, awesome! But what part do you want to live in?

Let’s start with the North section that contains several corporate apartment complexes such as The Block and The Quarters, which are great options if you want to be close to Dean Keaton and that particular part of the University of Texas Campus. The North Side of West Campus also puts you walking distance to many hip venues on The Drag including Hole in The Wall where you can catch live music almost every night of the week. You are also just a hop, skip and jump away from North Campus/Hyde Park near Spider House Coffee and Buffalo Exchange clothing.

Let’s talk about the heart of West Campus. Here you’ll find some beautiful condo complexes and historic homes that belong to the Greek Life of the university. There are many Fraternity and Sorority homes in this area and it’s an ideal place for anyone who wants to be apart of the Greek life or already is. You’ll of course be close to campus, Bus Shuttles, and some famous hang outs such as Cain & Abels on Rio Grande and 24th.

The south part of West Campus is a totally different vibe in my opinion. Whether you’re on MLK or just south of 24th Street, you can find older homes, duplexes, historic bed and breakfast which is a great place for parents and family members to stay while visiting you at school! Being close to MLK puts you in the area where you’re just a short shot to Downtown and to the University of Texas Campus. You have Keso’s Taco House, UPS Store for your shipping and postal needs, as well as the south part of The Drag with plenty of yummy cafes.

Regardless where you choose to live in West Campus, you can always find a neat nook or cranny of the neighborhood that fits your needs.


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