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If you’re deciding on whether to bring your furry companion with you to school or debating on if you wish to make that huge commitment to getting a new pet, there are some things to keep in mind.

First, many apartments, condos and houses do not accept pets for many reasons. As you know, puppies can do a number on your carpet when first potty training them. Crate training is a very effective way but there will always be accidents until they get their routine down. Also, since you are a busy student, it can be difficult to get home in time to let poor Fluffy out and leaving dogs alone for extended periods of time can be damaging to their psyche. They want to love and be around you as much as possible, you are their world! But due to the potential damage and lack of responsibility many people have shown regarding cleaning up after their pets, it has forced many management companies to do “no pet” policies.

Second, keep in mind that if you find a pet friendly property, they all charge extra fees and deposits for your pet. Most average around $300 and can tack on pet rent and non refundable fees as well. That is very standard so don’t let that surprise you come lease signing time. The money is worth it, of course! As long as you are a responsible pet owner and make the necessary steps to ensure your house and your yard is taken care of and cleaned up after, you won’t have to worry about getting your deposit back.

Third, to ensure that you receive your full deposit for your pet and you don’t acquire more fees on top of it, you will need to pet treat any carpet in your unit. You’ll also need to make sure the cleaning crew does a thorough job cleaning any pet reminisce. There are plenty of cleaning options for you to make sure you did all you could to get Fluffy’s hair and smell out of your unit.


Bottom line, if you have the funds, time, and are open to the responsibility it requires to have a pet at your apartment, condo, or house in West Campus, then I say go for it! You can’t beat the companionship of your furry friend. A pets love is unconditional and priceless! Here are some tips for being a responsible pet owner in West Campus:


  • Always keep pet waste bags on you! It can be a large fine of $500 or more if you are caught not cleaning up after your pet. Also, you don’t like stepping or smelling doggy poop so why would anyone else?
  • Crate train your puppy to help potty train them and keep them on a schedule- take them out at the same time each day and they will eventually get on your schedule.
  • Vacuum and clean your house at least once a week, twice a week would be best. Control the hair!
  • Always clean out your litter boxes once a day! It’s better for you and your furry friend. Kitties love clean boxes, don’t you love a clean bathroom?
  • Exercise your pets! Tired pets are happy pets and will do much better with training when physical activity is involved.

ENJOY YOUR PETS! That’s what they are there for! Don’t sweat the small stuff!



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