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North Campus Housing: Explained

So, you’re browsing for housing around The University of Texas and you keep hearing about these specific areas like, North Campus. But what exactly does that area entail and what are the details on it?

North Campus, in regards to The University of Texas is pretty self explanatory as to where it’s located in proximity to campus. But what else does the area have and what is so desirable about the area that people are out biding one another for a new pad? North Campus is generally around 30th Street and Lamar, runs up to Hyde Park and stretches to the busy I35. Most of this area belongs to Hyde Park. A very diverse area of the city as it consists of students, young professionals, professors, families, the whole shebang. You can find quiet streets tucked away from the busy traffic on Lamar that offer a serene and quaint environment. You can also find the face paced complexes right in the middle of some of the action in Hyde Park.

What action do you speak of? Well, Hyde Park is a super hip Historical District of Austin that consists of beautiful old Austin homes, cafes, local restaurants, art galleries and music venues. With several streets simply named after a letter of the alphabet, this charming neighborhood draws an array of crowds with many people who prefer to commute via bicycle since most of the streets contain bike lanes. It is a very desirable location for city dwellers that want to keep the Austin neighborhood charm. The landscaping and aesthetics are truly to be desired as well.

Unless, you wish to be walking distance to campus or need to stay close to your Fraternity or Sorority, Hyde Park/North Campus is a fantastic location for any student and can accommodate any kind of vibe you are searching for from small complex apartments, corporate apartments, condos, duplexes and houses!

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