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Realtor Vs Google

As pre-leasing continues to be a hot topic of conversation around The University of Texas Campus and Central Austin, there is a lot of talk about how to find those desired properties. Austin, Texas Real Estate market can be quite tricky to out of towners because of how the market is set up in Central Austin. Central Austin around campus consists of many different types of housing includes: Condos, Apartments, Homes, etc. The difference between these are that Condos are individually owned units, meaning one owner ones that unit and not the entire complex. With that being said, finding the availability of a specific condo can be challenging unless you personally know the owner or you use a Realtor that has access to the availability of the complex.

Typically, apartments will have an onsite office where it is easy to walk in and inquire about availability but that’s not the norm here in West or North Campus. Even the apartment complexes have individual owners of the complex that choose a management company to handle all the leasing and maintenance. Therefore, you’d have to find out the management company and inquire with them which can be a difficult task simply by Googling.

This is why Uptown Realty and your fellow peers encourage you to use a Realtor, the service is completely free to you and can make the process of finding a house for next year stress free. Simply Googling properties can leave you confused about what is actually available and can show very conflicting details since old ads can show up on the search. It is also not uncommon to find that many Real Estate companies advertise all of these properties on their websites to generate traffic. This usually leads to calling or emailing to inquire and the result is you start working with a Realtor.

Overall, Realtors rule the market in Austin and are a reasonable necessity and when you find a good one, they can be very helpful for you year after year. It’s a great way to build a work relationship and a friendship!

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