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Swimming Holes in Austin, TX

Since winter was short lived here in Austin and our temperatures continue to raise each week, I bet you’re looking for the best swimming hole or water hang out in the city. Well, you’re in luck! Austin is full of fun places to cool off in the water and relax with your friends when you’re not studying or in class.

On place in particular is The Green Belt! If you have checked out the trails of the Green Belt, you are missing out! Not only is it a beautiful hike to several places to hang and cool off in the water but it leads to several water falls and deep swimming holes. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and bring your doggy! Dogs love The Green Belt, maybe more than their humans do. Just be careful hiking back and forth when it starts to get dark because there are some steep cliffs and climbs.

Another fantastic and very Austin place is Barton Spring Pool. Some of you won’t be brave enough, understandably so to brave that water unless we get into the high 90’s. The naturally fed spring pool stays a cool 65 degrees year round. It’s the ultimately the best way to cool off in the summer. Not only is it refreshing, healthy, and full of neat creatures in the water, the Pool attracts some great people. You can often find drum circles, yoga sessions, and just some good ole people watching entertainment.

If you’re strapped without a car or other means of transportation but you are a swimmer, there are also tons of complexes around The University of Texas in West and North Campus that offer swimming pools to their residents. Be sure to mention that to your realtor when you’re looking for a place. Uptown Realty can absolutely help you find the perfect pad with either a rooftop swimming pool, deck, grilling area and more. Getting in the cool water is one of the many treats of living in a warm state. Who doesn’t like slashing around with your buddies on a sunny day or simply reading a book poolside while getting a Texas tan?

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