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Whether you are currently living in an on campus dorm that is a quiet haven for studying or a vessel for bafoonery and partying, the time may be approaching to reach out and find your own apartment, house or condo! I’m sure you’re asking yourself, where do I start? What area should I live in? Should I get roommates? These are all valid questions to your housing journey to find the perfect homes for your student life.

Where to start? First you must make a list of your requirements or desired amenities in your new home. Apartments can offer an array of amenities and the comfort of having 24 hour maintenance, gated parking, and more. On the other hand condos are typically larger with more unique finishes and almost always include some bills in the rent, including parking. Houses can be a fantastic choice for your new home and can be cost efficient depending on the amount of rooms. But keep in mind that houses often come with more responsibility than apartment and condos, including lawn care and other maintenance.

Deciding what area to live in has many factors, one most people feel important is location to your classes and your extracurricular activities. No one likes to trek a mile to class in the hot Austin weather or when we get our random downpours even though the bus system is quite efficient, parking can be limited and expensive on campus. Keep in mind that the closer you are to campus, the higher the rent can be but again, you must prioritize your requirements for a new place. What you could be spending in parking could go towards your rent to a place walking distance to everything you need and it makes your life easier! West Campus is a great place for walkability and location to all Austin attractions. North Campus is also a valid choice to being close to campus but unless your classes are located North, you may find yourself taking the bus more or having to walk longer distances than you desire.

And finally, should I get roommates? Everyone is different in regards to their opinions on roommates, some really like to live on their own leaving all responsibility on themselves. When you’re pondering whether to ask your friend or find a new friend to live with, always keep in mind that sharing housing with someone is a big responsibility and it’s important to feel totally comfortable with sharing a space with someone. Most condos and apartments will require one lease which means all tenants are responsibility for the rent and taking care of the unit. Having a friend and a roommate can be very pleasant and helpful during your stay in the University of Texas area and potentially bring a closeness that will result in life long friends!

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