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You heard it right! The University of Texas Intramural Fields are getting a whole new make over! And that is good news for all you students and residents located on North Campus, Hyde Park, and especially around Koenig and 51st area. The University of Texas started on a 23 million dollar project to upgrade the 18 playing fields, 40 tennis courts and an archery range. Not to mention the new sand volleyball courts! The renovation was much needed as the last upgrade was around 30 years ago.

The other new upgrades you’ll see will be replacing grass fields with synthetic turf, new irrigation, plumbing and electrical systems.  Overall, new equipment and lighting controls for the daylight savings time. Not only will the complex be getting a whole heap of new upgrades, it will have a new name as well: Charles Alan Wright Fields at the Berry M. Whitaker Sports Complex, try saying that ten times fast!

The new upgrades will be especially important to student gatherings before and after game time for any sport you choose to participate in. There will be a beautiful lawn, fire pit and updated perimeter fencing to create a more comfortable gathering space. You also can’t beat the central location that is on a University of Texas and Metro Bus route! Once you’re done gathering and doing your team bonding, you can head over to the Triangle shops just a few blocks South for some food or drinks to continue the party.

No matter if you’re a newbie to any sport or use to excel at your High School, it is never too late to try new sports and activities. Learning new things while meeting people and making friends while attending school. Not to mention the exercise is also healthy for you!

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